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The vast majority of our instructors are independent contractors that receive a split of class fees. Most usually develop their own classes based on projects they select that fit into their skillset. If you have a general knowledge of a tool, tool area, technique, or craft but just don’t know what would be good to teach, we can help you select a project that a class can be developed around. Staff Instructor Position

We kept 1-2 staff instructors on staff before the pandemic but have not had any on staff since we reopened to the public last year. Staff instructor is an hourly position. They are tasked with learning multiple tool areas through our introductory training classes, Youtube & other online resources, and by gaining practical experience using the tools. They MUST have a love of learning and be able to learn on their own once pointed in the right direction. Staff instructors will teach our introductory classes when regular instructors do not have the time to meet demand as well as project based classes they develop alone or with the help of other instructors. They will work to constantly develop new classes, learn new tips & tricks on our machines, and help us deliver an engaging class experience to customers.

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