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Three mistakes every new jewelry student makes

The Idea Foundry is expanding our line of jewelry classes for beginners. Orientation A and Orientation B include hands-on training with brand new tool stations members can use to craft their own jewelry.

I bumped into our jewelry instructor Lee Mash and watched enviously as he polished a silver ring from his orientation class. It was sleek and simple, and just totally cool! What else could I do but spill my guts and tell him I had been avoiding the classes because I was afraid I would make an utter fool of myself?

What he told me was “Well, of course, you are going to mess up.” Admittedly this did not make me feel any better, but he followed with the explanation that every beginner makes mistakes and that’s what the orientation class is designed for. “Learn the basics, get cleared on the tools and then start practicing with these tools” was his advice.

Lee went as far as to predict precisely what three things I would get wrong because they are the same three things everyone gets wrong. So for my sake and the sake of every new jewelry student we made a video about the three things every jewelry student mucks up the first time. I hope this helps you get excited about taking jewelry classes at the Idea Foundry and I’ll be real honest- he was right. I performed every one of these tasks wrong the first time, and I wasn't the only one. So, cheers to learning fearlessly and patient, knowledgeable instructors!


Breaking Blades While Sawing- The most common mistake that causes a broken saw blade is moving the saw frame in a direction other than up and down, like a sewing machine. Always have your saw moving when you are moving the metal.

Using The File Incorrectly- Always have your metal supported against the bench pin. Only put pressure on the file when pushing it away from you.

Using The Hammer Like You’re On A Construction Site- When flattening or texturing metals always raise the entire hammer, so the hammer face is parallel with your metal. Do not swing the hammer in an ark as though you are driving a nail.

Check out upcoming art, glass, and jewelry classes at the Idea Foundry and make a few mistakes yourself! Lee is also offering a spoon ring class and soldering class in addition to his jewelry orientation class that clears you on using the Idea Foundry jewelry tools. In each class you learn a skill and make your own project. 

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